Un’app italiana per pagare con lo smartphone in 80mila negozi. Hype

L’applicazione permette di pagare direttamente dallo smartphone, senza bisogno di avere di denaro contante o carte di pagamento

di Alessio Nisi

Transazioni gratis, via mobile, per sempre. Il gruppo Sator di Arpe lancia Tinaba

L’obiettivo è creare un ambiente attento all’aspetto social, con un occhio di riguardo verso l’ecommerce, offline

di Stefania Leo

The weight of apps on Italy’s GDP and the skyrocketing of mobile commerce

The daily use of smartphones for apps and services is a phenomenon that everyone knows is in constant growth. What everyone might not know, however, is that this phenomenon is generating a new economy that now weighs in on the GDP at 1.6%. This is what has been revealed by the Mobile & App Economy… Read more »

di Emanuela Perinetti

Money and applications: five important novelties

The 19 billion dollars that Facebook shelled out for Whatsapp has already been archived: whether this was an excessive sum or not will be revealed on the market in upcoming months and years. It is certain that the sector of icons continues to proceed at an impressive rate and seems to want to confirm the… Read more »

di Martina Pennisi